Hepatitis C Virus Testimonial

Hepatitis C Virus is disassembled via Scalar Light Pathogen Cleanse

Recently, a¯hepatitis C¯testimonial was shared on¯scalarlight.com¯web site that serves to prove the efficacy of the¯scalar light pathogenic cleanse. An individual received one (1) month of scalar energy sessions in order to address¯hepatitis C infection¯which is caused by a virus. The¯hepatitis C virus¯(HCV) is a small, enveloped, single-stranded RNA virus. Initially, this individual recognized that toxins were being flushed from the body as a result of the¯disassembling of pathogens¯by way of the¯remote scalar energy healing¯sessions.

After the month-long pathogenic cleanse concluded, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) diagnostic test was conducted in order to detect the hepatitis C viral load. A¯polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test¯is a highly accurate diagnostic test that can detect the presence of genetic material of a virus such as the hepatitis C virus.¯The polymerase chain reaction test is so highly favored that evidence from this type of diagnostic testing is admissible in the court of law.¯Invariably, you have learned of, DNA evidence, presented in the court of law in order to associate the remnant of DNA material left at a crime scene with that of a particular individual. Specifically, the polymerase chain reaction test can verify not only the presence of genetic material left at a crime scene but also who that genetic material belongs to on account of the fact that each individuals genetic material is unique.

In reference to diagnostic testing for the hepatitis C virus,¯a polymerase chain reaction test¯will ascertain the presence or absence of RNA which is the genetic material found inside the hepatitis C virus. Below are the polymerase chain reaction test results that reveal: HCV RNA Not Detected. The¯remote scalar light pathogenic cleanse¯has served to disassemble the RNA of the hepatitis C virus thereby eradicating the causative agent for hepatitis C viral infection.¯Once the genetic material of a virus has been disassembled by way of the scalar light pathogenic cleanse, then the symptoms of the pathogenic disease abate and sometimes disappear entirely.

The hepatitis C virus testimonial below serves as scientific evidence that the scalar light pathogenic cleanse does indeed disassemble pathogens thereby eradicating the causative agent of pathogenic disease. This is a Godsend to mankind.

Hepatitis C Virus Testimony

Hi guys, 

I just wanted to shout out a testimonial about Tom Paladino scalar energy treatment. Im really sensitive to energy so after I submitted my pics to Tom, in an hour or so I started to feel the energy working through me. 

A couple of things that I noticed is that I started to flush lots of toxins out of my body, Ive been detoxing my body through greens and vitamins and I know the symptoms and it was clear to me exactly what I was experiencing detoxification process. 

I was clearing a lot and raising my vibration accordingly, thats why my body needed more rest and I was irritated by little things. 

It began to feel really have at the last week of the treatment, which is a good sign it means that you letting off lots old garbage. 

I wasnt sure If will be able to take it any longer but I decided to finish the process. Anyway a month after I did it I went to do PCR test and see if my Hepatitis C is gonna show up. When the results came they came like this I will just paste them here: 

General Comments PID: 9459934
HCV RNA, PCR, Qualitative
Hepatitis C RNA-PCR
Negative:¯HCV RNA Not Detected 

Tests Ordered

HCV RNA, PCR, Qualitative , 01/15/14 13:47 01/18/14

That was such a relief for me now I can fall in love again without having to worry about infecting my partner and I can create a happy family life. I can imagine how much does it mean to a person wasnt sure if he can go to this route again it is definitely life-changing. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart ¦ For everyone dealing with the viral issues, you are at the right place ¦ 

Thank you, Tom. God bless you and keep the good work. 

Scalar Sessions can destroy pathogens