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Mar 17, 2020 by Diana on Scalar Light
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I just love your Digestive Enzyme Program since i been on it for 14 days i haven't had any bloating or cramps.I can digest carbs more easily. Thank you Tom & staff for this free trial.
Dec 10, 2019 by Vive on Scalar Light
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I have been doing many things for my health. I have been travelling to Brazil and India and using expensive top scientific products. I always search for something new maybe cheaper too.

I like the simplicity of scalarlight technology. It is not so easy to say what I feel, but I think this is good because I have not had aches and sometimes I feel very relaxed. Maybe because of the endocrine scalar light program. I also try the natural foods scalar, precious stones and antioxidant scalar.

My teeth are in very bad condition but I got help so that my tooth function is good so I need to maintain my teeth condition and not to let it become worse. I am not a feeler and have tried many things, not so easy always to know what helps with what. I need to keep on taking good care of my health.
Aug 11, 2019 by Elizabeth on Scalar Light
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Hi Tom,
First, blessings for this divine work and opportunity for healing, and more importantly maintaining a balanced physical expression, a continuous healing experience and a, alchemical way of living. I have been on various programs over many years on and off, recently I placed myself back on the standard protocol and metabolism as I was experience some challenges. Needless to say as expected I started feeling the difference within the first week.

So I am very grateful.
Shanti Elizabeth
Oct 18, 2018 by Thomson on Scalar Light
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Just finished the 15 day trial and it’s weird as I haven’t felt like a drink or a cigarette for the last week. I wasn’t sure what was happening as normally I have to consciously make a decision to have a few days off to detox but the thought of both makes me feel quite sick! Could this be the scalar treatment ? Just never happened to me before so at first I thought I might be sick but now I’m
Sure it is this!
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